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Top Services We Provide at Solid Foundations

By April 18, 2016No Comments

Don’t you think that you need to be an expert to determine that you have a problem with your foundation? Just look around to see if you find the following signs:
Cracks within the interior walls
Popped-up nails in the plaster or sheetrock
Doors and windows that are hard to close
Cracks in the brick fireplace wall
Joints around the windows or doorframes
Leaks in the roof, despite roofing material that is in good condition
Obvious sloping of floors

Solid Foundations, Ltd is your answer to all your worries as they provide their specializations in Residential Slabs, Post Tension and Conventional Rebar, Residential Driveways, Commercial Slab on Grade, Commercial Paving, Commercial Site Work, Building Pads, Paving Site Work and Stabilization.

History of Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations is a full service concrete contractor that started in 1999 by Don Jackson after graduating from Sam Houston State University with a Business Administration degree and a minor in Construction Science. The company has steadily developed over the years to become the primary turn-key concrete contractor in Houston and throughout the state.

Services Provided By Solid Foundations

Foundation Repair

Foundation is the most critical and important part of any structure, whether it be a school, hospital or even your own home so when a foundation is not solid, a lot more than just the building is in jeopardy. Solid Foundations, Ltd products include steel piers attached to the building with brackets that repair the foundation by stabilizing the structure.

Slab Lifting and Stabilization

Slabs are typically designed to remain flat and steady for the purpose of bearing furniture, people, cars, bicycles, and more on top of them, but slabs can fail to properly fulfill this purpose when the ground on which they rest is altered. Solid Foundations fill in the voids beneath the slab and bolster it once again with durable, heavy-duty materials.

Sinkhole Remediation

If you discover a sinkhole of any size formed on your property, you need the assistance of a professional sinkhole repair team, which is at Solid Foundations. Solid Foundations, has the experience required to examine your situation and solve all sorts of sinkhole problems. Their hold of geotechnical knowledge of Florida’s terrain and understanding of the engineering properties of sites, train to provide the special care necessary to fix sinkhole issues properly and securely.

Seawall Repair

Are there any cracks, loss of soil, sinking, or rotation you could see happening to your seawall left unattended?  Adding a new section to the wall or replacing the wall completely will be your only possible solution. So, to get the fastest and most effective therapy to troubles with your seawall, Solid Foundations’ seawall erosion repair services are there for you. It is economically feasible as well as reliable.

Crawl Space Repair

Solid Foundations can effectively diagnose the problem with your crawl space .If we start off with a detailed assessment, we can successfully discover and fix these problems efficiently.

Soil stabilization

The soil stabilization services of Solid Foundations help us live well on the land. Soil stabilization is a process of altering soils in order to improve physical properties like strength and durability. The soil stabilization uses only the safest, strongest, and most innovative methods to put current project on solid ground on which to stand when it is completed.

Pipe and structure leak, Void filling and masonry restoration are some other essential services provided by the caring, friendly and professional team of Solid Foundation which can fix every problem of yours! Click here for more info…