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Void Filling

In and around our homes and businesses, we can find concrete slabs that literally support the work we do and the lives we live. Concrete slabs can serve as foundations, garage floors, patios, pool decks, porches, sporting areas, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, highways, and more. These concrete slabs may be very strong, but they can only stay strong as long as the ground beneath them stays firm and level. If the soil upon which our concrete slabs rest shifts or settles, then the concrete slabs upon which we rest can become very dangerous. Concrete slabs with voids beneath them are susceptible to moving, sinking, cracking, breaking, or crumbling, and any of these occurrences can jeopardize the health and safety of the community. Therefore, in order to solve your problems and restore the calm and comfort of the community, Solid Foundations offers void filling services that will put your concrete slabs back on solid ground.

The Causes of Voids

Voids are empty spaces under the ground, and when these empty spaces position themselves beneath heavy objects such as concrete slabs, devastation and destruction can happen at any moment. Many different forces can create these voids, but water is the most common culprit. When heavy rains seep into the soil, water supply pipes leak, drainage lines break, or water finds some other way to enter the ground beneath your slab, it triggers the soil erosion that pushes the dirt away from a particular area and forms a void. Other causes of voids include:

  • Poorly compacted soil
  • Decaying organic materials
  • Shrinking and swelling cycles
  • Freezing and thawing cycles
  • Burrowing animals
  • Heavy equipment
  • Vibrations

These factors can lead to settled soil, a sinking slab, broken concrete, damage to your property or home, and even human injury. To prevent these problems and secure your concrete slab, call on the void filling professionals at Solid Foundations.

The Standards of Solid Foundations

The void filling services of Solid Foundations utilize the most efficient and effective methods for void filling in the industry. While there are other ways that foundation repair companies may address voids, such as mud jacking or slab jacking, Solid Foundations holds the highest standards for our clients, and that is why we choose to fill voids with high strength structural polyurethane foam. When injected into a void, polyurethane foam displaces air pockets, water, and water-saturated materials in order to stabilize the slab and supply uniform support.

The Qualities of Polyurethane Foams

Our polyurethane foams from Prime Resins possess several qualities that make them the best materials for filling voids. First of all, though polyurethane foams are lightweight, they have very high densities, and once they are cured, these foams will never lose their density. They will remain impermeable to moisture and unaffected by erosion for years to come. Second, Solid Foundations’ polyurethane foams have high expansion ratios, which means that they will fill the void completely and eliminate any subsequent rocking or vibrating. Our foams from Prime Resins can expand from ten to twenty times their size so that every inch is covered. These expansion rates also allow Solid Foundations to fill your void by drilling smaller holes and fewer holes into your concrete slab. Finally, Solid Foundations injects these polyurethane void fill materials into the soil as a liquid, and they reach their final volume as foam in only fifteen seconds. They are therefore able to fill a very large space in a very small amount of time, which means that our void filling services can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption.

The Benefits of Void Filling Services

Solid Foundations’ process of void filling is perfect for areas featuring new construction or machine placement as well as any other locations that cannot be fixed easily without extensive excavation. Our void filling services are also preventative measures that help families and business avoid even bigger problems with their properties in the future. While we usually apply our void filling to concrete slabs, we also frequently perform void filling on abandoned sewers and water lines, utility trenches, flood plains, retaining walls, and abutments. No matter the location of the void, Solid Foundations can find a way to fill it in order to preserve the wellbeing of the community. Along with increasing the security of an area, the benefits of void filling also include:

  • Extremely competent support of the concrete at 7,200 lbs./sq. ft.
  • A durable fill that will not be affected by water content
  • The permanent retention of the foam density
  • Lower costs than concrete replacement
  • A rapid curing time
  • No color change to the concrete
  • No damage to the grass or landscaping
  • The ability to walk on the concrete area again immediately

The Commitment of Solid Foundations

The trained professionals of Solid Foundations are experts at void filling due to our extensive amount of experience with compaction grouting and permeation grouting. We only use polyurethane foam for your void fill because it is the only material that we can trust completely and support fully. Our quality void filling products will provide you with renewed confidence in your concrete and the peace of mind to live your life normally again. Our commitment to solving your problems motivates us to use only the best tools for our projects and do only the best job for our clients, so you can be sure that you are getting only the best value on your void filling services from Solid Foundations. To learn more about voids or schedule the services you need, call us today!


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