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Foundation Repair In Fort Lauderdale. Florida

Embraced by the Atlantic Ocean slightly north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a bustling city of scenic inland waterways and numerous tourist attractions. Also known as the “Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale has been steadily expanding from a mainly tourist-based economy to a world-class international business center. Many industries are on the rise in Ft. Lauderdale, including manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, advanced technology, film, and television production, which means that Fort Lauderdale continues to offer an outstanding quality of life to its residents.

However, with its tropical rainforest climate, Fort Lauderdale cannot always guarantee an outstanding quality of the life for the foundations of the living and working structures in the area. The hot, humid, and wet environment of Fort Lauderdale produces an average rainfall of sixty-four inches a year, and though Fort Lauderdale has a distinct wet season, rainfall continues through each month. The excessive amount of moisture the soils of Fort Lauderdale soak up can cause serious issues for the foundations in the city and perpetuate the ever-present risk of sinkhole formations. Thankfully, solutions to these problems are available from Solid Foundations in the form of our foundation repair and sinkhole remediation services, which are always here to ensure that your Fort Lauderdale home or business stays on solid ground.

Fort Lauderdale Foundation Repair

During the wet season of Fort Lauderdale, which runs from May to October, afternoon thunderstorms ravage the coast and do not give the ground much chance to recover from the onslaught, as rain falls for 143 days in Fort Lauderdale. This volume of rainfall can be particularly dangerous in hot, humid climates such as that of Fort Lauderdale because the ground cannot keep up with the incoming rainwater, and the soil’s inability to release the excess of water means that pressure can build up and take a toll on your foundation. The pressure that results for an overwhelming amount of moisture in the soil is called hydrostatic pressure, and it threatens to force your foundation to crack and fail. If your foundation cracks, water, insects, small animals, and dirt can enter your home through these cracks, and if your foundation failures, your problems are much bigger than bugs.

In order to equip your Fort Lauderdale foundation to deal with hydrostatic pressure and other problems that can plague your foundation, check for the signs of foundational troubles and call Solid Foundations as soon as you discover them. These signs include:

  • Doors, windows, and cabinets that are difficult to open and close
  • Gaps around windows, doors, and garage doors
  • Bowing or leaning foundation walls
  • Stairways or chimneys cracking or pulling away from the foundation
  • Sloping or sagging floors
  • Puddles of water forming around your property

Any of these signs is enough evidence to suspect a problem with your foundation, so in order to receive a fast and effective remedy to your Fort Lauderdale foundational problem, contact Solid Foundations for our Fort Lauderdale foundation repair services.

Solid Foundations is your source of a solid, stable foundation for your home or business. Our professional team is equipped with everything your foundation needs to combat the destructive consequences of Fort Lauderdale’s wet season. Utilizing the highest quality products with the most efficient and productive techniques, Solid Foundations can shift the weight of your structure onto more capable soils and reinstate the security of your property. With their extensive knowledge and experience, our professional teams provide the most trustworthy and valuable Fort Lauderdale foundation repair services.

Fort Lauderdale Sinkhole Remediation

In Florida, the limestone bedrock beneath us allows sinkholes to be all too common occurrences. Acidic rainwater running through the ground effortlessly corrodes the bottom layers of limestone until only fragile upper layers remain, and the minimal amount of pressure can incite these layers to collapse and form a sinkhole. As sinkholes usually take down as much as they can above and around them, the threat of their presence is not to be taken lightly. Instead, when you discover any of the signs of a developing sinkhole, such as cracks in the interior or exterior of your home; slopping or sagging floors; sticking doors and windows; slumping trees and fence posts; and puddles appearing around your yard, put the situation the hands of the professional immediately by calling Solid Foundations.

We offer the best response to impending sinkhole formations with our Fort Lauderdale sinkhole remediation services, which can rescue your property and restore your peace of mind. With our void filling and compaction grouting processes, we fill all voids left by eroded sediment and stabilize the soil beneath your home so as to extend the life of your property and the protection of your home. Years of knowledge and experience gained through countless interactions with Florida sinkholes guarantee that the Fort Lauderdale sinkhole remediation services of Solid Foundations will eliminate your sinkhole worries for good when you trust us with your Fort Lauderdale sinkhole situations.

Fit Foundations in Fort Lauderdale

Our mission is to solve all of Fort Lauderdale’s foundational and structural problems with our extensive foundation repair and sinkhole remediation services. We also offer other services such as crawl space repairsslab lifting and levelingsoil stabilization services, and more. We are here to save your Fort Lauderdale home or business from the struggles of the annual wet season, so call Solid Foundations today for all of your Fort Lauderdale foundation repair and sinkhole remediation needs!


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