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Foundation Repair In Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville, Florida, is located in North Central Florida, and sits a little less than an hour and a half below the Florida-Georgia border. Gainesville is a true college town, for within its beating heart resides the eighth largest university in the United States, the University of Florida, along with its nearby educational neighbor, the equally well-known Santa Fe College. The university provides plenty of recreational activities for the entertainment of Gainesville natives, such as sporting events, fine arts presentations, museums, parks, and more, and Gainesville natives provide plenty of spending opportunities to the university students, with restaurants, stores, theaters, shopping centers, and more. Therefore, the ever-expanding population and the masses of college students pouring in from all over the United States make Gainesville a fantastic place for growing businesses and growing families.

Unfortunately, this happening city suffers from a few climate complications that can cause particular problems for Gainesville residents. Gainesville’s climate is considered humid subtropical, which means that the range of temperatures that Gainesville experiences throughout the year are peculiar for the peninsula. In Gainesville, temperatures can reach the mid nineties in the summer and then plummet below freezing in the winter months. The city also receives an average of forty-seven inches of rain each year, but can dry out during cold spells, so the moisture content of the environment varies as well.

Gainesville’s climate may be quite pleasant for locals year round, but it can also be quite trying on the foundations of the buildings and homes spread throughout the city. When the regional weather wills it, foundations in Gainesville can encounter shifting and settling soils as well as sporadic sinkholes that threaten the safety of Gainesville’s citizens. Therefore, the people of Gainesville need a company to provide expert foundation repair services and sinkhole remediation services when necessary, and Solid Foundations is that company.

Gainesville Foundation Repair

A stable, healthy foundation will not only stabilize your property, but it will also fiercely battle the elements in order to prevent aging and weathering. Yet, small changes in the environment can still inflict great damage to your home or business, no matter how hard your foundation is fighting.

The frequent temperature fluctuations of Gainesville that differ greatly from those in the rest of the state can stress out the soils beneath the local living and working structures and thereby cause the soil to expand and contract rapidly. This type of underground activity can be detrimental to the foundations of these structures, as this irregular movement can create voids that leave the foundation lacking the support it needs, which forces the foundation to shift and settle. Frequent storms and high humidity can add excessive amounts of moisture to the soil as well, the presence of which instigates the application of significant pressure to building foundations: occasionally, more pressure than these foundations can bear, which compels foundations to crack.

Shifting, settling, or cracking foundations can lead to minor issues such as the presence of water, insects, or critters in your home, as well as major problems such as total foundation failure. Therefore, foundational troubles need to be addressed as soon as they are detected, and Gainesville residents can use the following signs to detect foundational troubles:

  • Cracked walls, floors, slabs, columns, and chimneys
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Separating stairways
  • Sloping or sagging floors
  • Puddles of water forming around your property

If and when you discover any of these signs around your Gainesville area home or business, please do not hesitate to call Solid Foundations. Solid Foundations has the Gainesville foundation repair services you need to halt the development of foundational problems and put your home back on solid ground.

Solving your Gainesville foundational problems is our top priority at Solid Foundations, and our professional team is equipped with everything your foundation needs to combat the destructive consequences of Gainesville weather. With the highest quality products on our side, such as steel push piers, helical piers, slab piers, resistance piers, wall anchors, cement grouting, and polyurethane resins, Solid Foundations can stabilize your structure in no time. Steel tubes hydraulically drive our piers down through the soil until they are resting on capable load-bearing strata, and this process ensures that your building is resting on the firmest and most stable foundation possible. The benefits of our Gainesville foundation repair tools and methods include the lifetime transferrable warranty that comes with all of our Grip-Tite® piering systems, the most secure and durable solutions for correcting alignment issues and fixing cracks, and the quick installations that allow for little to no disturbance of your site. Therefore, our Gainesville foundation repair services are the most convenient and effective remedies for this college town’s cracked or shifted foundations.

Gainesville Sinkhole Remediation

Of the six different states that experience sinkholes in the United States, Florida is by far the most prone to these natural disasters, and the Gainesville area especially has racked up a significant number of recorded sinkholes over the years. Gainesville has had its fair share of sinkholes due to the fact that the city rests atop the limestone bedrock that spreads beneath Florida and that is easily eroded by the acidic rain that regularly falls on Florida.

Sinkholes are depressions or holes in the ground that can form when the acidic rainwater running under the limestone bedrock steadily wears away the lower layers of the limestone until only thin upper layers remain. The appropriate amount of pressure on the surface of these layers can inflict their collapse and the formation of a sinkhole that swallows everything directly above it. This type of sinkhole forms rapidly, but it still has time to produce warning signs of its foreboding presence. The warning signs of sinkholes include:

  • Cracks in concrete driveway or sidewalks
  • Depressions in your street, your yard, or your neighbors’ yards
  • Water collecting in pond-like areas around your home
  • Slumping fence posts, trees, and foundations
  • Cracks in the exterior of your home, visible in block or stucco
  • Cracks in the interior of your home along joints, windows, or doors and in walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Uneven, sloping, or sagging floors
  • Doors, windows, and even cabinets that are hard to open and close

The warning signs of sinkholes are serious indications of destruction to come, and the best response to these warnings signs is a call to Solid Foundations. Our Gainesville sinkhole remediation services can rescue your property from all possible sinkhole damage with our compaction grouting and void filling techniques. These tools for sinkhole remediation enable Solid Foundations to prevent sinkholes in weak soils and restore the ground affected by a sinkhole.

Once Solid Foundations has inspected your property to assess your sinkhole situation, we will apply compaction grouting and void filling in the most appropriate ways in order to stabilize your home and your life once again. With our compaction grouting, we are able to increase the load the soil beneath your home can bear, and we are able to seal the top of the limestone layer in order to inhibit further sinkhole related challenges from arising. With our void filling, we permeate the spaces that have formed in the soil and leave the soil below your foundation and your concrete slabs extremely dense and sturdy. Our years of knowledge and experience gained through countless interactions with Florida sinkholes guarantee that our Gainesville sinkhole remediation services will eliminate your sinkhole worries for good when you trust in Solid Foundations.

Great Foundations in Gainesville, Florida

To fulfill our mission of solving all of Gainesville’s foundational and structural problems, Solid Foundations supplements our Gainesville foundation repair and Gainesville sinkhole remediation services with other services such as crawl space repairsslab lifting and levelingsoil stabilizations, and more. With these services, Solid Foundations can simplify all of your foundational complications, so contact Solid Foundations today for your Gainesville, Florida, foundation repairs!


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