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Common Mistakes with Foundation Repair

By April 15, 2016No Comments

Residing in a home that is purchased using your own money is a goal that is worth achieving. Caring for the house doesn’t end once you’ve already bought it. As a matter of fact, it is just the beginning. For instance, you might experience minor damages most especially when it comes to the foundation of the house.

The foundation is one of the most important elements in the house. Without the presence of the foundation, the house will look slouchy and weak. Therefore, ensuring that the foundation is built with the best materials will go a long way. However, even though it is the most important part of the house, it is almost always disregarded.

Failure to maintain the required moisture level around the house’s foundation

The failure to maintain the required moisture level around the house’s foundation is a common error that homeowners are guilty of doing. Remember that when the soil around the foundation gets extremely dry, the foundation has the tendency to contract and shrink. On the other hand, when the soil around it tends to get very wet, it might end up expanding and gaining volume. The constant change in the soil can lead to the damage of the foundation.

Inadequate foundation drainage around the house

The moisture around the foundation is important and the drainage around the house is equally vital. It is equally damaging to the foundation if there are too much water around it. As much as possible, having a drainage that surrounds the house can be a good trick to ensure that the water moves away from the property. This is most important during winter or rainy season as the water tends to get stuck near the foundation.

Planting large shrubs near the house’s foundations

Environmentalists suggest planting trees and plants in the backyard and vacant spaces. This is important to ensure that you get the right amount of oxygen and shade most especially during summer season. However, planting large trees or shrubs can wreck havoc the foundation if it is located nearby. The roots of the large trees or shrubs can get into the base of the foundation. Aside from that, the roots might absorb the moisture coming from the soil or the base. As a result, the soil surrounding the base of the foundation might tend to get too dry.

Taking for granted the small damages in the foundations

Checking the overall condition of the foundations must be done periodically. In this manner, you can easily detect the small damages that are present in the foundations. In addition to that, small damages are easier to repair so it will be better to work on it as soon as you noticed one. To know more tips and information about foundations, check out Solid Foundations.

The instances mentioned above are the most common acts that the large majority of homeowners are guilty of. If you want to ensure that the foundation of your beloved house will stay in place and intact even after decades, start checking the foundations now and call for professional help if there are damages that can affect it in the long run.