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10 tips for Foundation Repair

By April 18, 2016No Comments

Do you have cracked walls or Doors that won’t close easily or bulging floors? Any of these could be signs of foundation problems. Foundation settlement might cause major structural problems in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to repair a concrete foundation without having to tear it out.

Here are some tips which will help you in Foundation Repair:

  1. Home Foundation Repair

After the foundation of a house is built, the loose soil is back-filled around the foundation and can sometimes allow water seepage into your basement. As years pass by, this soil can also expand, placing pressure on the foundation and causing problems for the home. Foundation repair companies, have developed several methods for solving these issues, thereby restoring both price and safety to your home.

  1. If Your Foundation is Uneven

Solid Foundations provides restoration of the walls from the inside with wood or steel braces, carbon-fiber mesh, or wall anchors spaced 6 feet or so apart along the entire wall. A newer option, which costs less than half as much and winds up almost invisible, involves spreading epoxy in vertical strips and then pressing on carbon-fiber mesh to lock the wall in place.

  1. What if your Foundation is washed out?

If you have a broken water pipe, a plugged gutter, or a drainage problem in your yard alongside a perimeter foundation to weaken the area, a contractor might be able to shore up the area with more concrete or shim the sill plate to make the area level again. Solid Foundation is doing this work efficiently in Gainesville, FL, Orlando and Tampa.

  1. Foundation Repairs in Orlando

When you need an Orlando area foundation repair expert, you can relax as Solid Foundations will deliver quality beyond that found with other foundation repair companies. They deliver high standards of quality, customer service and the knowledge, experience and expertise to tackle any type of foundation repair.

  1. Concrete Foundation Repair

Methods of remediation of concrete involve extensive disruption of the business using the building. Usually, it is necessary that settlement of building slabs and monolithic foundations in residential areas is to be corrected without having to move all furniture,or in commercial areas, without disrupting business.

6 .How to stabilize foundations?

Solid Foundations is a repair company that prides itself on getting the job done at their best because the top priority is ensuring that both the residential and commercial establishments in Florida have a solid foundation. They implement the most advanced techniques. The products they use include steel piers attached to the building with brackets that repair the foundation by stabilizing the structure.

  1. How to fix cracks?

If you discover cracks in your foundations you can do the following things:


Repair minor foundation cracks with silicone caulk or epoxy putty or prevent water-laden soil with proper grading at foundation walls. Consult a structural engineer for advice on foundation repairs and Check for expansive soils in your area with your building authority


  1. Basement Wall Anchors

These problems occur when the lateral pressure from the soil around the foundation exceeds the home’s load-bearing capacity. A properly installed foundation wall anchoring system can restore and reinforce the integrity of a structure.


  1. Foundation weakness

Extended dry periods can incite the soil around your foundation to shrink away and leave your foundation lacking support, and this occurrence can force your foundation to sink or settle. In order to prevent complete foundation failure, contact the Tampa foundation repair professionals of Solid Foundations.



If you have cracks or bending in your home’s foundation, and leaning or sagging basement walls, call a proven foundation repair professional like solid foundations at 1-855-227-0300.Don’t take chances and choose the best for you.