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Sinkholes do not have to be massive cavities in order to cause major property damage. Even relatively modest sinkholes can undermine the foundation of your home and create lasting structural issues. Therefore, identifying these problems early provides you with the best chance to mitigate them. When you know what signs of sinkhole activity to look for and respond quickly once you discover them, you can receive the diligent home inspection and strategic sinkhole remediation services of a foundation repair company that will enable you to protect your property investment. To give you a head start on the steps to alleviating sinkhole activity near your home or business, Solid Foundations is here to share with you the several signs of sinkhole activity to watch out for on your property.

The Signs of Sinkhole Activity

Doors And Windows That are Out of Alignment

Significant changes in the alignment of your windows and doors suggest changes in the structural integrity of your foundation. As the ground beneath your home starts to fail, windows will become difficult to open and close and doors can start dragging on the floors. You should also look for signs of increased pressure on the joints at the corners of your home. If one side of the building structure has begun settling into unstable ground, the increase in pressure on these joints will lead to visible cracks.

Outside Landmarks

It is very likely that there are a number of freestanding landmarks around your property that you can use to check for signs of softening ground. These include:

  • Trees
  • Poles
  • Fence posts

If any of these have started to tilt or lean, their altered position could mean that a nearby sinkhole is developing. You can look for evidence of this tilting in neighboring yards.

Unusual Plumbing Issues

Higher than average water bills with no marked changes in household water use could indicate that your home plumbing system has been damaged by a developing sinkhole. If you have had a number of unusual plumbing issues in past months, then these should be considered red flags as well.

Shifting And Soft Spots In Landscaped Areas

Distinct changes in the look and feel of your landscaped areas are also indicative of sinkhole problems. Survey your lawn for signs of shifting and areas that have become soft and spongy. This is especially important to do if nearby freestanding landmarks have begun to lean or tilt.

Cracking In Paved Areas

Driveways and paved walkways that develop cracks are cause for concern, particularly if other evidence of a forming sinkhole has already been identified. Look for indications of shifting or cracking in the sidewalk that are not the result of over-sized or invasive tree roots. When viewing neighboring properties to assess the likelihood of an impending sinkhole, consider the paved areas as well. A sinkhole on a neighboring property can eventually affect the stability and overall integrity of your own home, and thus, these developments are well-worth monitoring.

The Steps to Sinkhole Remediation

No matter how big or how deep a sinkhole is, it is always capable of wreaking havoc on your home or business. Thankfully, you have a good chance of being able to protect your property when you notice the signs of a developing sinkhole in time, and you also have an even better chance to defeat that sinkhole when you call a professional foundation repair company for their sinkhole remediation services as soon as you see the signs of a sinkhole. A professional foundation repair company like Solid Foundations can successfully deal with a sinkhole in any stage with sinkhole remediation strategies such as compaction grouting, void filling, underpinning, and other expert methods that will stabilize the soils beneath your foundation and restore overall stability to your home. So to learn more about the signs of sinkholes and sinkhole remediation services, call Solid Foundations today!