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Elliot Larkin

I buy homes, fix them up and sell them. When I was first looking to by a home in Gainesville FL, I noticed that there were cracks in the exterior block on the carport that had been turned into an enclosed room. On the inside of the house I also noticed that there were cracks in the slab which was attributing to the foundation issues. Before I went any further I got some quotes to see if this was an investment that would be worth making. After speaking with Rick at Solid Foundations he provided me with the lowest priced quote and was able to get the work done fast. Because of him and his crew we were able to get this addition fixed up adding a bath room and a closet, turning it into the Master bedroom, adding a lot of value to the house. The staff at solid foundations was not only friendly and knowledgeable but they were helpful and willing to walk me through the process as it was happening. On a scale from 1 to 10 Solid Foundations performance is easily a 10 based on their work performance, attitude, and sticking to there schedule. They also encountered several issues with the property and were able to handle those issues while still honoring their original price.