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Foundation repair is a specialized area of construction that requires specific training, knowledge, and equipment. Solid Foundations has the skill and expertise to provide foundation repair for homes and businesses in Orlando, FL and surrounding communities.

Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Foundation Services

  • Foundation Repair – We correct structural damage related to water, soil problems and poorly constructed foundations.
  • Sinkhole Remediation – Florida’s natural terrain is ideal for sinkholes, and the state has the most sinkholes in the country. We have experience with all types of sinkholes, including solution sinkholes, cover subsidence, and cover-collapse sinkholes.
  • Seawall Repair – We repair damage resulting from cracks, rotation, loss of soil and sinking to protect your home, commercial property, or community from water encroachment.
  • Slab Lifting and Stabilization – Whether the ground beneath the slab has shifted as a result of water infiltration, poorly compacted soil, a growth of tree roots, or heavy use, we lift and stabilize the foundation.
  • Crawl Space Repair – Damage to the crawl space can result in structural damage and enable dirty air to enter your home. We repair damage caused by moisture, poor construction, and settling.
  • Soil Stabilization – Our services include permeation grouting and compaction grouting to stabilize soil near roadways, seawalls, dams, tunnels, and underground vaults.
  • Pipe and Structure Leak Repair – Solid Foundations repairs leaking and broken pipes to keep your family safe and prevent structural damage.
  • Void Filling – We fill voids caused by water, poorly compacted soil, burrowing animals, heavy equipment, and other causes.
  • French Drain Installation – Solve drainage problems and protect your foundation from damage caused by excessive water accumulation with a French drain.
  • Masonry Repair – We provide masonry repair for brick, concrete, stone, and stucco to restore the appearance and supportive structures.

Please browse our website to read more about our services and contact us at 855-227-0300 to discuss your project in the Orlando, FL area.


We look forward to speaking with you regarding your project.