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Foundation Replacement Jacksonville

A Strong Foundation is Vital For Any Building in Jacksonville

A Solid Foundation is essential for all buildings in Jacksonville. Any mistakes made in a foundation will only get worse as time goes by creating major problems. A solid foundation is required for any structure and deserves the highest focus during construction.

Signs of Faulty Foundations in Jacksonville Properties

Do you see cracks in and around your structure? Cracks can appear inside or outside on siding, bricks, columns, walls, floors or corners. Some other signs to look for include:

  • Difficult to open windows, cabinets and doors
  • Foundation walls that are leaning
  • Cracking chimneys or stairways
  • Floors that slope or sag
  • Window gaps and door gaps
  • Water puddles that form around your property

If you see any of these signs in or around your structure you should contact Solid Foundations immediately.

Faulty Foundation Causes in Jacksonville

The most common cause of a faulty foundation is water. Any leaking pipes or poor drainage can erode or expand the soil. If soil does not get enough water it will shrink causing the foundation structural damage. If a foundation is poorly built or if the soil is consolidated wrong it will also cause problems. These negative conditions usually only affect one section of the foundation. This can cause the foundation to shift creating major structural damage and puts the whole structure at risk.

What Solid Foundations Can Do For You in Jacksonville

If you notice any signs or problems in your foundation, Solid Foundations can help. We make it a top priority to ensure safety for your Florida homes and businesses. We provide fast and competent repair services which utilize quality products and efficient techniques. We attach steel piers to the building using brackets that repair the foundation by creating stability to the structure. The piers are driven through the soil until they rest on solid bedrock. Solid Foundations test the load and we ensure that the piers can and will support the building. After the piers are in place we use high pressure hydraulic jacks to reduce the weight on each pier to stabilize the structure.

Solid Foundations and Savings

Solid Foundations provides quick installation with our Grip-Tite lifetime transferrable warranty steel piers. The piers can be installed at any time and they create little to no disturbance to the site. Our foundation repair services save our customers time, stress, money and uncertainty. Trust your foundation repair with Solid Foundations. We ensure a safe and solid ground for your home or business.


We look forward to speaking with you regarding your project.