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Foundation Repair Coredele

Coredele Foundation Repair

Homeowners in need of foundation repair in Coredele and throughout Georgia count on us for unrivaled service in the field of foundation repair and installation. At Solid Foundations we are proud to provide world-class remedial products and services to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of professional foundation repair contractors can also install, repair and maintain gutter drains, surface drains, and engineered French drains, as well as install containment barriers.

Foundation Repair Company Coredele Georgia

When you need an Coredele area foundation repair expert, you can rest assured that Solid Foundations will deliver excellence beyond that found with other foundation repair companies. We deliver high standards of quality, customer service and the knowledge, experience and expertise to tackle any type of foundation repair. Businesses and homeowners throughout the Metroplex benefit from experienced installation and foundation repair for your home or business. We have knowledge in all aspects of installing and repair of foundation elements such as steel piers, steel pilings, helical torque anchors, and helical piers, and our team of experts also handle concrete piers, concrete pilings, and any steel I-beam retrofit for beam and pier foundations. In other words, any foundation repair needs you have, we can perform.

Some of the Common Foundation Repairs We Perform in Coredele

As mentioned above, with our years of experience and well trained professionals we can handle any kind of foundation repair that your home or business need, here are some of the most common repairs we perform:

  • Concrete Foundation Repair
  • Block & Base Repair
  • Mudjacking
  • Residential Foundation Repairs
  • Commercial Foundation Repairs

Why Do Foundations Fail?

Foundations suffer serious structural damage due to a variety of soil-related problems, the most common of which is water. An excess of water from broken or leaking underground pipes, pooling water, or poor drainage erodes or expands the soil, while an absence of water from the transpiration of tree roots causes the soil to shrink. Other causes of foundational issues include improperly consolidated soil under the building or badly built foundations. All of these conditions are negative because they rarely influence the soil beneath a foundation in a uniform manner. Instead, they usually affect only one section of your foundation, and the fact that the affected area is small means that the resulting problems are big. Any minor foundational shifting can cause major structural damage and put the entire building at risk. When your building needs a solid foundation to survive, these threats of signification destruction are the last things you want to face.

Stabilized Foundations in Coredele

Solid Foundations is a foundation repair company that prides itself on getting the job done right the first time because our top priority is ensuring that both the residential and commercial establishments in Georgia have a solid foundation. Our services use the best products, implemented with the most advanced techniques. Our products include steel piers attached to the building with brackets that repair the foundation by stabilizing the structure. Working with the weight of the structure, steel tubes hydraulically drive these piers through the soil until they are resting on solid bedrock or any other capable load-bearing strata. The friction reduction collar attached to the piers creates an opening in the ground that is perfectly sized to reduce friction as the piers push through the soil, and this collar also enables Solid Foundations to test the load to confirm that the piers have encountered strata or rock that is fully able to support the building.

If you think you are in need of foundation repair or just want a professional team to come do an inspection, call Georgia’s most experienced and reliable foundation repair company today @ (855)227-0300 and get the service you deserve. If you want more info on our foundation repair services visit our comprehensive foundation repair page.


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