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Seawall Repair Sarasota

Sarasota Seawall Repair

Sarasota is a sunny city located on the southwest coast of Florida. Sarasota is nationally acclaimed for its beaches, resorts, culture, and architecture: the famed Ringling Museum and the Sarasota School of Architecture are both located in the city, where they are frequented by locals and visitors alike. Furthermore, the diverse art culture in the town extends beyond the museum to include many reputable theaters, concert venues, and sculptures scattered throughout the area. Sarasota locals take pride not only in the artistic community, but also in the breathtaking beaches and nature areas surrounding Sarasota Bay. Though enjoyable, these beaches come with high temperatures and humidity levels that take a toll on the surrounding living and working structures.

These and other Florida staples such as harsh environmental conditions and intense amounts of rainfall can cause foundational problems, sinkholes, and seawall erosion, and in the presence of these problems, Solid Foundations offers its professional foundation repairsinkhole remediation, and seawall repair services to Sarasota, Florida.

The Purpose of Seawalls in Sarasota

Seawalls are the walls or embankments erected to prevent the ocean or another body of water from encroaching upon and eroding an area of land. Also known as bulkheads or retaining walls, seawalls are often made of materials such as reinforced concrete, steel, vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass composite, gabions, boulders, or sandbags. As surges and tidal fluctuations are some of the inevitable challenges associated with owning waterfront property, seawalls hold great significance to the livelihoods of business owners and the peace of mind of homeowners who rely on these structures to defend them from water damage. Therefore, it is very important that seawalls maintain their protective functions.

Seawall Repair Testimonial

The Deterioration of Seawalls Over Time

Seawalls themselves are not completely immune to the deterioration that occurs under the constant battering of the waves, winds, and other elements in Sarasota. The pressure of natural forces often results in unsightly cracks, pitted surfaces, soil washing away, a bowing or bulging middle, gaping at the bottom or top, growing distance between the seawall and the deck, and even the total failure of the seawall. When these signs of struggle and breakdown appear, you can be sure that your seawall is in need of repair. The cost of repairs will only rise the longer you wait to address the problem, so do not delay when it comes to fixing your seawall. With the help of Solid Foundations, seawall repairs are much more affordable and effortless than you may realize, so seek our seawall erosion repair services quickly in order to save what is left of your seawall.

We Have a Solution For Seawall Repair in Sarasota

If the cracks, loss of soil, sinking, or rotation you see happening to your seawall are not attended within a specific time frame, adding a new section to the wall or replacing the wall completely will soon be your only possible solutions. So, to receive the fastest and most effective remedy to troubles with your seawall, Solid Foundations’ seawall erosion repair services are here for you. Seawall erosion repair with Solid Foundations is very economically feasible thanks to our Targeted Grout Injection that can fully restore your distressed or failed seawall.


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